REPP Capability Targets

The 2019 REP Program Manual includes guidance on FEMA’s planning and preparedness assessment strategy which uses a combination of modes to assess different aspects of the SLTT (or OROs's) approach and implementation of radiological emergency preparedness. FEMA assesses capability targets through the ALC Checklist and Plan Review Checklist, both of which are organized by capability targets and can be assigned to a core capability or capabilities through the work plan process.

Each capability target includes the following sections:

  • Intent - A simple, concise statement that defines the approach and functional purpose of the capability target; essentially the goal of the evaluation under each capability target.
  • Planning References - The NUREG-0654/FEMA-REP-1, Rev. 2 planning references included provide trace-back to the appropriate planning standards and demonstrate where and how the capability targets support regulatory compliance with the planning standards.
  • Core Capabilities - The listing of core capabilities is meant to be a starting point for discussion, as the selection of core capabilities should be a result of coordination and discussion between FEMA Regional staff and OROs. This should not be considered an exhaustive list of core capabilities that could be associated with each capability target.
  • Demonstration and Evaluation Guidance - The guidance in this section is intended for use by evaluators when preparing for a demonstration. Information includes critical tasks and key points of review requiring observation and assessment by evaluators. Each critical task and key point of review should be considered prior to the demonstration by reviewing the plans/procedures and extent-of-play. Performance of each critical task should be evaluated during the assessment activity, unless otherwise noted in the extent-of-play agreement.

Provided below is a list of the REPP Capability Targets with links to additional information.

Objective 1 - Emergency Operations Management

Objective 2 - Exposure Control

Objective 3 - Alert and Notification

Objective 4 - Detect, Measure, Sample, Analyse, and Assess

Objective 5 - Operate