Resource Management

NIMS resource management guidance and tools enable many organizational elements to collaborate and coordinate to systematically manage resources, including:

  • Personnel
  • Teams
  • Facilities
  • Equipment
  • Supplies

Most jurisdictions or organizations do not own and maintain all the resources necessary to address all potential threats and hazards. Therefore, effective resource management includes making good use of each jurisdiction’s resources, engaging private sector resources, involving volunteer organizations, and encouraging further development of mutual aid agreements.


NIMS Guideline for Resource Management Preparedness

Use this guide to find information about resource management preparedness and best practices

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National Resource Hub

The National Resource Hub is a suite of web-based tools that support a consistent approach for the resource management preparedness process:

  • Accessing and automating the use of National Incident Management System (NIMS) resource typing definitions, position qualification sheets, and position task book templates.
  • Inventorying individual resources—personnel, equipment, teams, supplies, and facilities.
  • Managing personnel qualifications, certification, and credentials.
  • Supporting existing resource management-related guidance, policies, practices, and mutual aid compacts.

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