Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Toolkit

Jurisdictions establish Emergency Operation Centers (EOCs) according to their unique needs and requirements, so no two EOCs are designed the same. To support these needs, FEMA has developed a collection of new and existing resources that can be used to build or maintain EOCs in accordance with NIMS – the EOC Toolkit. 

The EOC Toolkit covers topics such as hazard vulnerability assessments, physical site selection, mitigation considerations, capabilities and requirements, information management systems, as well as training and exercises. Clicking on the links below will open or download different components of the EOC Toolkit.

EOC How-to Quick Reference Guide

The EOC How-to Quick Reference Guide is an all-hazards guide that provides State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial (SLTT) jurisdictions with information and guidance related to setting up, operating, maintaining, and deactivating an EOC according to their unique needs.

Emergency Operations Center Skillset Templates

Emergency Operations Center Skillset Templates provide a modified Position Task Book approach to qualify EOC personnel while remaining flexible to accommodate diverse EOC organizational structures.

Senior Leaders Toolkit

The Senior Leaders Toolkit includes the Department Head Quick Reference Guide, the Elected Official/Senior Executive Quick Reference Guide, and the Executive/Senior Official NIMS Briefing template to help emergency management and senior leaders understand their roles and responsibilities during incidents.

Additional EOC Toolkit Resources

The following documents are additional EOC Toolkit references and tools that complement the other EOC Toolkit components.