Resource Inventorying

About Resource Inventorying

Effective resource management involves establishing a resource inventory and keeping the information current and accurate. Inventories include an up-to-date count and pertinent details about an organization’s resources. Inventories are used to support resource-related planning activities in the preparedness phase and often serve as the basis for resource deployment and tracking during an incident.

Resource Inventory System

The Resource Inventory System (RIS) is a centralized, secure, and cloud-hosted resource inventory solution. It is provided by FEMA and available at no cost for use by local, state, tribal, territorial, and Federal agencies as well as NGOs and other partners. RIS enables organizations and users to identify and inventory their resources consistently with National Incident Management System (NIMS) resource typing definitions and National Qualification System (NQS) positions. It is designed to help your organization implement NIMS by supporting both resource inventorying and typing practices. The tool can be used to inventory equipment, personnel, teams, facilities, and supplies. A one-page slick sheet / brochure on RIS is available for download.

Get Started Using RIS

To get started using the Resource Inventory System, follow the steps below:

  1. Complete the RIS Request Access Form.
  2. Register for a PrepToolkit account if you don’t have one already. Registration in Preptoolkit is also required to gain access and use the Resource Inventory System.
  3. Prepare to start using RIS by watching the RIS Onboarding Tutorial below.

Once you have completed the steps above, FEMA will review your request and you will be notified by email when your organization has been established in RIS so that you can begin creating your inventory.

Help and Technical Assistance

Help and Technical Assistance

Have you already gained access to RIS but need help configuring your inventory or migrating existing resource information into RIS? Technical support is available.

Request Access

Existing User Log-In

Note: You must complete the Request Form and be granted access before logging in to the tool.