Resource Typing Library Tool

About Resource Typing

Resource typing is defining and categorizing, by capability, the resources requested, deployed, and used in incidents. Resource typing definitions establish a common language and define a resource’s minimum criteria and capabilities.

NIMS resource typing includes resource typing definitions for equipment, teams, and facilities in addition to job titles/position qualification sheets and Position Task Book (PTB) templates for personnel. Resource typing enables communities to consistently inventory, plan, make resource requests, and have confidence that the resources they receive have the capabilities they requested. FEMA works with the community to develop and provide standardized resource typing definitions that are national in scope. They also provide job titles/position qualification sheets and PTB templates for positions that are part of the National Qualifications System (NQS).

Resource Typing Library Tool

The Resource Typing Library Tool (RTLT) is a publicly available online catalog of all NIMS resource typing definitions, job titles/position qualification sheets, and position task book templates that have been released by FEMA. RTLT provides public access to these guidance resources in a web-based tool that is easy to search and discover; no resources or personnel are inventoried or managed as part of this National Resource Hub component. NIMS resource types are viewable online and downloadable in PDF format through RTLT. A one-page slick sheet / brochure on RTLT is available for download.

You can access EOC Skillset Templates on

Access the RTLT Application Programming Interface (API)

NIMS resource types can also be directly consumed by third-party software applications to ease and automate the adoption of NIMS resource typing. These third-party software connections are made using the Resource Typing Library Tool's web services application programming interface (API). If you manage or develop a third-party system and would like to utilize the RTLT Web Services API, please contact the Help Desk at for more information and to obtain the RTLT API Guide.