Logistics Technical Assistance Program

About LTAP

The Logistics Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) assists in the development, readiness, and enhancement of logistics planning and operational capabilities for SLTTs. This LTAP community site within PrepToolkit provides you with easy access to key resources, training, and tools to assist, develop, and enhance logistics and response capabilities at all Regional and jurisdictional levels. Use the menu at the top to navigate areas of interest related to logistics management.

The Logistics Technical Assistance Program is a program within FEMA's Logistics Management Directorate. The Logistics Management Directorate is FEMA’s major program office responsible for policy, guidance, standards, execution and governance of logistics support, services and operations. LMD’s mission is to provide an efficient, transparent and flexible logistics capability for the procurement and delivery of goods and services necessary for an effective and timely response to disasters. As an organization, LMD is organized by four divisions and one office:

  • Logistics Operations Division
  • Distribution Management Division
  • Incident Management Support Division 
  • Logistics Systems Division
  • Office of Business, Industry and Infrastructure Integration

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