Layout and Structure


Each page in PrepToolkit has a similar layout:

Full Description of Preptoolkit Layout Screenshot


  • Return Home: From anywhere within PrepToolkit, select the FEMA logo or system name in the header to go to the PrepToolkit home page.
  • My Sites: A list of sites within PrepToolkit of which the user is a member.
  • User Information: Provides links to Notifications, Edit Profile, Change Password, and Sign Out of PrepToolkit.


Serves as a navigation aid by displaying the hierarchy of the current page in relation to the PrepToolkit page structure. Select one of the links in the breadcrumbs to navigate to that page.

Page Body

While the body of each page in PrepToolkit varies, the bulk of PrepToolkit content is structured around the National Preparedness System (NPS), with content falling under one of the six NPS areas:

  • Identifying and Assessing Risk
  • Estimating Capability Requirements
  • Building and Sustaining Capabilities
  • Planning to Deliver Capabilities
  • Validating Capabilities
  • Reviewing and Updating


  • Help: Opens the online user guide. 
  • Contact Us: Launches a new email message with your default mail client addressed to the PrepToolkit help desk email address.
  • Plug-Ins: Contains a list of plug-ins that may be needed to view certain content on PrepToolkit. Each link will route you to the vendor's web site, where the software or plug-in can be downloaded.
  • Terms of Use: Access the current Terms of Use and Rules of Behavior. Users agree to the Terms of Use upon initial login with a self-registered user account.
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