Communities for New Users


Communities provide PrepToolkit users with areas to collaborate on specific areas of interest. Within a community, users may chat, share ideas, post files, and more.


Communities contain the following features:

  • Documents and Media: The Documents and Media feature provides file storage, organization, and versioning. Files can be stored in a hierarchical folder structure, similar to the files stored on your local computer.
  • Message Boards: The Message Boards feature provides an online discussion are where people can post and respond to messages. Messages can be organized by categories and sub-categories.
  • Web Content: The Web Content feature allows managers to control the content of their community (text, images, etc.). All edits to a portion of web content are logged, and thus a full history of content revisions is maintained.

Individual user guide pages are provided for each of these features. Visit these pages for further details.


To access Communities, select the Communities button on the opening Welcome page of PrepToolkit.
Ten buttons are shown: About PrepToolkit, RTLT, IRIS, Hazard Explorer, HSEEP Resources, EM Toolkits, Exercises, Corrective Actions, URT, and Communities. The Communities button is highlighted.

By default, all communities of which you are a part will be shown. To explore new communities, select the Available Communities tab, as shown below. Communities that are not private may be explored by selecting their name. If you would like to gain access to a restricted community or extended access to an open community, select the hamburger menu beside the community's name and select "Request Membership," as shown.
Two tabs are shown: My Communities and Available Communities. The Available Communities tab is highlighted and the page displays the content of this tab. A search field is shown, populated with the term "XYZ". "XYZ" and a "clear" link is shown in a blue bar just below the search field. One row of data is shown below this. The first line in the row says "Community XYZ". The second row says "Members: 12". A hamburger menu in this row has been selected showing a value of "Request Membership," which is highlighted.

Provide your reason for access and select "Save."
A screenshot is shown with a Request Membership for Community XYZ heading at the top. A text box with the label Comments is shown below the heading. The text box contains the following text: "I serve as the director of my county's EMA and would like to gain further access to the resources published by this community." Save and Cancel buttons are displayed at the bottom of the screenshot.

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