Organization Roles 

Organization Roles are assigned to users with Manager access to the OneResponder system and define an individual’s privileges within the Manager Portal. Below is a list of assignable roles and their scope.

Organization Manager
Can perform high-level actions on behalf of the organization and can perform any function assigned to any other organization role type.
Organization Personnel Manager
Can invite new personnel as individuals or through bulk invitations, inactivate old personnel accounts, review account requests, etc. Can perform all functions assigned to the Organization CRM.
Organization Partnership Manager
Can invite new Partners, remove existing Partners, and review and approve Partnership Requests. Can also edit Partnership data sharing and functionality settings.
Organization Resource Catalog Manager
Can configure the Organization's resource catalog, determining which NQS Positions are adopted and extending baseline requirements to best meet Organization needs, can perform all functions assigned to the Organization Qualifications Manager and Organization Role Manager roles.
Organization Qualifications Manager
Can issue and administratively manage PTBs and can configure position qualification sheets.
Organization Role Manager
Can assign Organization Roles to Organization and Partner personnel.
Organization Training Manager
Can grant and revoke training credit for Personnel, Can edit required training on Position Qualification Sheets, can manage the Organization's master training catalog, add training, and administer synonyms and equivalencies.
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