Manually Assign A Position 

OneResponder allows administrators to manually award a position to an individual, bypassing the PTB process.

The following steps demonstrate the process by which administrators can manually assign a position to their personnel:

  1. Log in to the Organization Manager. In the main menu on the left side of the page, locate and select 'Organization' to expand this menu option and view specific pages. Select 'Personnel' option to be taken to a page listing all personnel in your organization. (Tab bellow)

    • This list will default to show only your Direct Personnel who are Status: Active. (You can expand the list by opening the Filters to include auxiliary and subordinate personnel, as well as all Personnel Status types.)

  2. Locate the appropriate individual and select the magnifying glass icon to the left of their name to be taken to their Personnel Details page.

  3. Scroll to locate the 'Position Types' menu bar and select the up arrow icon to open it. Locate and select Manage on the far right of the 'Assigned Positions' menu bar to be taken to a 'Position Assignments' page. On this page you're able to view any positions the individual has earned, either by PTB completion or by a previous manual award.

  4. In the top right corner of the page, locate and select + Assign Position to open a modal containing a list of all positions in your organization's network, including those positions as published by national organizations, your organization's configuration of published positions, and any local positions your organization has configured.

    assign position

  5. Locate the appropriate position and select + Add. Once complete, select ✓ Add Selected at the bottom right of the modal. This will close the modal and add the position to the individual's Position Assignments.

  6. Select Save in the top right corner of the page to confirm your assignment. As soon as you save your changes, the individual will be awarded the position. Once a position has been manually awarded, you will see x Remove in the left column of the Position Assignments grid. You are able to remove a manually awarded position if appropriate, but if an individual has completed the PTB process and had their PTB approved, you will be unable to remove that position.

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