Configuring Your Organization

The steps below will help you start off on a strong foot in OneResponder by configuring your organization's profile:

  1. Check your organization’s name. We’ve added all States and counties by name, but if your Emergency Management Agency takes the lead in tracking training and qualifications for emergency response personnel in your jurisdiction, it may be appropriate to rename your organization in OneResponder.
  2. Begin establishing your organization’s structure. You can expand your organization’s structure by creating Subordinate Organizations and initiating Partnerships with other Organizations. 
  3. Invite your Personnel using our Single or Bulk Invite methods. Our Single Invite allows you to convey administrative access with an individual’s invitation. 
    • Our Bulk invite allows you to pull down an Excel sheet. Add the names and email addresses of the individuals you want to invite to your organization, and when you upload that Excel sheet, the system will send an invitation to everyone on that list.
  4. Add your Facility locations, and, if appropriate, a primary Point of Contact (POC) for your facilities. 
  5. Review the OneResponder Training Catalog to view all Training Courses available in our Network. All courses in our Network can be awarded to your Personnel or added to any Positions your organization configures. 
  6. Add any Training Courses that your organization is responsible for developing and administering into your organization’s Training Catalog. 
  7. Review published Positions to determine whether you need to add additional requirements. All published NQS Positions are available for PTB issuance or manual assignment to your Personnel with the NQS-established baselines. (If you need to add any requirements, you can add it to your Resource Catalog and configure it accordingly.)
  8. Configure Local Positions for any Positions whose requirements are determined entirely by your jurisdiction. Local Positions are those Positions defined and administered by your organization and can only be assigned to your Direct or Auxiliary Personnel. 
  9. Expand your organization’s administrative structure by assigning Manager Roles to those individuals in your organization who need access to the Manager Portal. To review the roles available, please review the Manager Roles Job Aid in our Job Aids. 
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