Bulk Import Training 

In the Organization Manager, administrative users are able to update training records en masse for their personnel using our Bulk Import functionality. The Bulk Import not only allows you to update personnel training records, it maintains a history of all previous imports, allowing you to archive who on your staff was awarded via a bulk update.

Performing a Bulk Import of Training Records

  1. Log in to the Organization Manager. In the main menu, on the left-hand side of the page, locate the Qualifications option and click to expand it and view specific page options. From those options, select Personnel Training to be taken to a page listing all training that has been awarded to personnel in your organization, as well as any subordinate organization(s) you may have.

  2. In the top right corner of the page, select Import to be taken to the 'Personnel Training Import' page.

  3. OneResponder provides a template for our users. Select ⤓ Download a sample import file with instructions to download the template and input your data.

    Once you've added all appropriate information, save your file and use Select File to upload the information into OneResponder.

    Bulk Import Training

    As part of the upload, the system will check to ensure all information uploaded corresponds with a pre-existing record in OneResponder and will flag unfound elements with either warnings or errors. Warnings require review by the user performing the upload, but do not impede the import and can be disregarded if appropriate. Errors indicate information that was not found in the system and must be resolved in order to proceed.

  4. Once warnings are reviewed and errors are resolved, select ✓ Commit Import. This will initiate the final stage of the import.

    PLEASE NOTE: Depending on the size of your import, this step may take several minutes. Do not navigate away from the page while the import is in this stage.

  5. Upon completion of the import, you will be navigated back to the Personnel Training Import page. The newly completed import will be listed at the top of your 'Import History' grid, and all records contained in that file will have been updated on the corresponding personnel record(s). If any personnel had open PTBs requiring one of the trainings awarded through the Bulk Import, that record will be updated as well.
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