Training is a critical component of FEMA’s Continuous Improvement Technical Assistance Program (CITAP). This is especially true considering FEMA’s priority to build federal and partner capacity to self-evaluate, continuously improve, monitor the completion of improvement actions, and share insights throughout the emergency management community. The CITAP Training Suite represents an opportunity for FEMA to develop these specific capacities in partners through a comprehensive collection of virtual, independent study, and in-person training courses.

What Kind of Technical Assistance Does the Training Suite Offer?

The Training Suite offers continuous improvement in emergency management training through a variety of delivery methods based on the partner's specific needs, scope, and existing capabilities. This approach allows FEMA to formalize and standardize training offerings, while also offering a degree of flexibility to recipients of the training. 

Online Independent Study Courses

Through the Emergency Management Institute (EMI), the program offers the Independent Study (IS) 45. The IS-0045 Continuous Improvement Overview course is a one-hour course. It provides an overview of the continuous improvement phases and guidance for building an effective continuous improvement program.

Virtual Training and Webinars

The CITAP team hosts virtual trainings and webinars on various continuous improvement topics for partners to attend and build their continuous improvement capabilities. You can find the latest schedule of virtual trainings and webinars on the Events page. Links to video recordings of previous virtual trainings and webinars will be posted here as they become available.

Short Training Videos

CITAP provides short 5-10 minute videos on continuous improvement topics, such as conducting interviews and observation development. These videos are currently in development and will be posted here as they become available.

In-Person Training

The CITAP team is currently developing a two-day, in-person Continuous Improvement in Emergency Management training course. The course will provide attendees with tools and training to effectively build their continuous improvement capabilities. The course will provide an overview of continuous improvement, outline the continuous improvement phases, and highlight program management best practices. More information will be posted here when course development is complete.

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The Continuous Improvement Process diagram displaying the discovery, validation, resolution, and evaluation phases of the process.Discovery Validation Resolution Evaluation

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