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The goal of the Continuous Improvement Technical Assistance Program's (CITAP) Advisory Services is to provide consulting support to State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial partners that build their capacity for Continuous Improvement and enables them to better prepare for continuous improvement, respond to, and recover from incidents and events. Advisory Services can be provided by FEMA as both virtual and on-site consulting services.

During COVID-19 and for the foreseeable future, we are only providing virtual services.

Initially, an Advisory Service engagement will consist of a 30-minute scoping discussion that will allow both parties, the FEMA team and the partner’s team, to better understand capabilities and capacity of the partner’s continuous improvement program, discuss follow on steps, and establish short- and long-term goals.

Then, the FEMA team can guide and develop a strategy for establishing and building upon the partner’s continuous improvement program. Consulting will be scoped into 30-60 minutes sessions with no more than 120 minutes spent on consulting services a week. The Advisory Services usually last one to two weeks depending on needs and services.

Components of Advisory Service Engagements

Below is a description of the process and components associated with engagements:

  1. Scoping Discussion: An initial phone call to discuss the requesting partner’s broad goals for their continuous improvement program and the support they are requesting.
  2. Continuous Improvement Program Foundational Information: Sharing background knowledge on continuous improvement and available resources.
  3. Question and Answer Discussion: Provides specific advice to the partner with regards to their continuous improvement process and broader strategic concepts with formalizing an organization’s continuous improvement program.
  4. Re-engagement: Reaching out to follow-up with the partner a few weeks after the advisory service has concluded to understand their progress and help answer any additional questions.

Who is Selected for Customized Advisory Services?

FEMA provides Advisory Services based on need or likely benefit and are intended to be a partnership between FEMA and the requesting partner. Requests focusing on capacity building and showing jurisdictional commitment will receive stronger consideration. To request Advisory Services, complete the online form on

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