The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Continuous Improvement Technical Assistance Program (CITAP) provides technical assistance to whole community partners focused on continuous improvement through a suite of guidance, tools, templates, training, and customized engagements. 

What Kind of Technical Assistance Does CITAP Offer?

CITAP's technical assistance package includes three primary areas: a community of practice, a training suite, and advisory services.

  • Community of Practice for partners to share continuous improvement best practices, questions, and case studies, as well as access continuous improvement training and other collaborative engagements for sharing information across jurisdictions.
  • Training Suite consisting of a variety of virtual, independent study, and in-person trainings for continuous improvement professionals.
  • Scalable, customized Advisory Services consisting of virtual or in-person consultations with a solutions-oriented, capability-building focus to support programs working on continuous improvement initiatives or activities within emergency management.

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The three primary CITAP offerings: Community of Practice, Training Suite, & Advisory Services

Trainings Advisory Services

How Do I Become a Part of the Continuous Improvement Community of Practice?

CITAP provides an online collaborative toolkit, workshops, and in-person symposiums where partners can connect and join the community. This supports the further development of a connected community of emergency management professionals engaged with continuous improvement initiatives. More broadly, you can join the Community of Practice by engaging in socialized learning, interacting with other continuous improvement professionals, and working to address continuous improvement in your local community!

What is Offered in the Training Suite?

The Training Suite offers continuous improvement training in emergency management through a variety of opportunities using multiple delivery methods such as:

  • Independent Study (IS) courses offered through FEMA's Emergency Management Institute (EMI)
  • Webinars on continuous improvement topics and trends in emergency management
  • Short Training Videos
  • In-person classroom training courses

These training courses are designed to build partner capacity to self-evaluate, continuously improve, monitor the completion of improvement actions, and share insights throughout the emergency management community.

Who is Selected for Customized Advisory Services?

CITAP offers a selection of virtual, in-person/virtual, and in-person engagements depending on the needs of the client. However, given finite resources (staff levels, time, and money), CITAP will allocate Advisory Services based on need or likely benefit, especially for in-person engagements. CITAP is intended to be a partnership between FEMA's Continuous Improvement Program and the requestor. Requests that focus on capacity building and show jurisdictional commitment will receive stronger consideration. Final decisions on all requests are at the discretion of the Continuous Improvement Integration Branch Chief.

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