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PrepToolkit and the National Preparedness System

The National Preparedness System outlines an organized process for everyone in the whole community to move forward with their preparedness activities and achieve the National Preparedness Goal.

The Preparedness Toolkit is an online portal that provides the whole community with tools to aid in implementing all six areas of the National Preparedness System. Select one of the six National Preparedness System areas on the graphic and begin exploring.

The National Preparedness System diagram. Encircling the diagram is "Whole Community", "National Incident Management System (NIMS)", "Core Capabilities"Identifying & Assessing Risk Estimating Capability Requirements Building & Sustaining Capabilities Planning to Deliver Capabilities Validating Capabilities Reviewing & Updating

Preparedness Toolkits

About PrepToolkit

Learn what PrepToolkit has to offer and how to get started.


Access and start using a cloud-hosted system to manage personnel qualifications and credentialing consistently with the National Qualifications System.

Resource Inventory System - RIS

Request and start using a cloud-hosted resource inventory solution to support your organization’s resource management efforts.

Hazard Explorer

Learn about and access GIS / location-enabled tools, data, and smart practices for use in your organization’s planning and exercise development efforts.

Emergency Management Exercise Toolkits – EM Toolkits

Access toolkits to help your organization carry out key preparedness activities: planning, training, exercising, assessing, and engaging.

Technological Hazards

Explore resources for enhancing preparedness in communities surrounding commercial nuclear power plants and U.S. Army chemical weapons stockpile sites.

Logistics Technical Assistance Program-LTAP

Use The Logistics Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) to access resources, training, and tools to support logistics management.

National Resource Hub - NRH

Access a suite of NIMS and NQS resource management tools: OneResponder, Resource Typing Library Tool, and the Resource Inventory System.

Resource Typing Library Tool - RTLT

Explore the online catalog of all NIMS resource typing definitions, job titles/position qualification sheets, and position task book templates.

National Incident Management System (NIMS) Toolkit

Access multiple suites of resources and tools that support implementation of NIMS concepts and principles.

Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program – HSEEP

Develop, execute, and evaluate exercises in alignment with HSEEP guiding principles.

THIRA/SPR and Unified Reporting Tool - URT

Complete the Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (THIRA) and the Stakeholder Preparedness Review (SPR) using the online data collection tool known as the URT.

Continuous Improvement Technical Assistance Program

Access training, tools, templates, best practices, and other resources to develop and support your organization’s continuous improvement program.